Created for and by those who have overcome trauma to create the community and support we deserve.


A community for those who have experienced exploitation, however they identify, with a focus on resource sharing, sustainable support, and empowerment.

This is a safe space, free of judgement, where you are met where you are at, and supported where you are going regardless of the barrier related to exit.* We are not here to gatekeep and instead want to ensure that resources and opportunities are equitably shared amongst us all. We also believe strongly in the need for lived experience leaders in all spaces.


Community After eXploitation HI

One to one tailored coaching, high level mentoring, and master classes and workshops

Multitude of offerings and services to support your efforts in this movement.

Lived experience consultants from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

If you suspect or witness trafficking click button for the hotline

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If you are in immediate danger: Call 911