Financial Assistance Opportunities

CAXHI aims to offer unconditional financial aid to individuals who have undergone trauma resulting from involvement in the commercial sex industry or instances of gender-based violence. We recognize the challenges involved in the process of rebuilding lives, particularly when grappling with the mental and financial instabilities associated with such traumatic events.

Survivor Speakers Fund

Our goal is that expertise on lived experiences is paid the same way that it is in any other field. Our goal is that no survivor ever has to speak their story for free on our islands again and that all opportunities where survivors are asked to share their trauma or their lived experiences be properly compensated.

*we are using survivor here as that is most recognized by the majority but we honor speakers however they identify and if you consider yourself a person with lived experience, reach out!

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Mutual Aide

Mutual Aide for those that have experienced trauma, exploitation, or gender based violence.

Needs include cash assistance, skills and career advancement, basic household needs, and more. 

This program is set to launch in 2024.

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